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That's more than senbsile! That's a great post!
Contact: That's more than senbsile! That's a great post!

FOUND:  05/31/2013 - Dog, Big Indian Road , Indian Camp area
Female , mixed breed dog wearing acollar with no tags . The dog has a whitre face and is rusty colored .
Contact: 740-995-0249

LOST:  05/22/2013 - dogs, Salesville area
Female, Chocolate Lab and cream-colored Lab.
Contact: Beth - 740.255.0340 or 740.255.0404

FOUND:  05/23/2013 -  , Freedom Road, Kimbolton
Medium-sized, black-and-white dog. Male, mixed-breed dog. No collar. May be part hound.
Contact: 740.498.7510

FOUND:  05/27/2013 - dog, Lore City/Senecaville area
Large, male, black-and-white dog. Wearing a orange collar.
Contact: Melissa - 740.581.0529

LOST:  05/16/2013 - Dog, In the Sarahsville, Pleasant City area
Female puppy with fluffy brown & black fur
Contact: 740-581-8181

LOST:  05/21/2013 - dog, N. 7th Street & Gomber Ave., Cambridge
Young, female Shih Tzu. White with black spot on back. No collar.
Contact: 740.584.0957

LOST:  5/19/2013 - Dog, Claysville/Cumberland area and Route 83
Female Brindle Boxer
Contact: 740-584-1464 or 740-638-2558

LOST:  05/15/2013 - dog, Clean Lane & Conquer Hill Road, Byesville
Female Boxer, brown with white patches. Less than a year old. Answers to "Baby Girl." Small reward offered for return.
Contact: 740.685.8541 or 740.584.4312

LOST:  03/13/2013 - dog, Cambridge
Male, "blue-nose" Pitbull. Black with white paws/chest/nose. One-and-a-half years old. Named "Hunter."
Contact: Brandon - 740.680.3266

FOUND:  05/13/2013 - dog, North side of Cambridge
Black dog with white spots. Friendly. No collar.
Contact: Michael - 740.432.3787

LOST:  05/12/2013 - Cat, Near The arena in Cambridge
lost female cat black with white paws she is pregnant
Contact: 705-1842

LOST:  05/03/2013 - Cat, Quaker City
Female, mostly white, with black and orange.Neuter scooter tatoo in left ear.
Contact: 679-2981

FOUND:  05/08/2013 - Dog, between Quaker City and I 70 off of 513 on Putnery Ridge
Male, Black Lab white patch on neck . No collar. 60-70 pounds
Contact: 330-749-5707 or 740-679-2080

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LOST:  05/06/2013 - dog, State Route 658, near Flat Ridge Community Church
Two-yearold Beagle/Boxer mix. All-white with light brown spots. Very friendly, no collar.
Contact: Kaci Kinnan at 740.435.0973

LOST:  05/05/2013 - cat, Between Clark St. and Highland Ave., Cambridge
Black, short-haired male cat. Wearing flea collar, answers to "Blackie."
Contact: Debbie - 740.338.0865 or 740.255.0308

LOST:  05/05/2013 - Dogs, Near the intersection of State Routes 209 and 662 west if Cambridge
Lost are a four-year-old male Yellow Lab and an older, female Black Lab who needs medication. Both are wearing collars and a reward is offered.
Contact: Call Terri Edgerton at 432-4608

LOST:  04/30/2013 - Cat, South 9th Street Cambridge
Nala is a 9 month old tabby kitten .
Contact: 740-255-2926

FOUND:  04/24/2013 - dog, Mt. Zion Road, Noble/Guernsey County line
Male Jack Russell Terrier/Dachshund mix. Well-groomed, no collar.
Contact: 740.255.3198

LOST:  04/23/2013 - dog, Shannon Run Rd./Underwood Rd., Quaker City
Small, male Toy Fox Terrier. Older dog. Mostly-white body with black spots and black/brown face. Missing one eye.
Contact: Deb - 740.439.4159 or 740.679.3130

LOST:  04/24/2013 - dogs, New Concord area, near the Banana Peel
Three German Shepherd pups, half grown. One black male, two cream and black females.
Contact: Sebastian - 740.891.0956

FOUND:  04/19/2013 - Dog, Found near Antrim
Found is a young, male Boxer mix wearing no collar or tags
Contact: Call (740)758-5203

FOUND:  04/21/13 - Dogs, Old National Road
Tan and white male boxer about 2 years old and reddish brown male pit bull with chain around neck.
Contact: Call William Baker at 740.260.2900 or 740.630.1104

FOUND:  04/08/2013 - Dog, Senecaville area
Female, Lab/Boxer mix, 1 to 1 1/2 years old , Black , short hair , medium sized ( 49 #) Wonderful, smart .
Contact: 630-5504

FOUND:  04/12/2013 - Dog, Lore City
Chocolate lab
Contact: Michelle at 680-8996

FOUND:  04/10/2013 - Dog, Along Claysville Road...near the Presbyterian Church
Found is a small, black, female puppy wearing no collar or tags. The puppy was found late Wednesday (4/10) afternoon and appears to be two to three months old.
Contact: Call Carol or Robert Huhn at 439-0786

LOST:  04/07/2013 - Dog, North 7th Street
Black and tan female dachshund.
Contact: 260-3703

FOUND:  04/06/2013 - Dog, Kimbolton (Indian Camp)
Male, long-tan-haired dachshund or terrior mix.
Contact: 740-435-3334

LOST:  04/062013 - Dog, On Main Street in Byesville
Male shitzu/pekaneese mix with white tanish short hair and red collar.
Contact: 740-241-9487

FOUND:  04/04/2013 - Dog, InByesville near Circle K
Male Blue Heeler pup... Dog seems partially trained.
Contact: 740-260-9069

LOST:  03/31/2013 - Dog, Near Zemba Brothers at the Adamsville Exit off I-70
Lost is a large, male. tan-and-white Lab mix with a black collar and a silver tag shaped like a bone.He was lost Easter morning from a kennel near the Adamsville exit and has been seen in several locations between Zanesville and Norwich along both Interstate 70 and U.S. Route 40.
Contact: Please call Rachel if you have any information - 740.680.7268

LOST:  03/26/2013 - dogs, Quaker City
Two St. Bernard Dogs: one female with pink collar ("Lucy.") One male with black collar ("Dozer.") Both are very big, but very friendly.
Contact: Tiffany - 740.679.3560

FOUND:  03/25/2013 - dog, Ohio Avenue, near LMI Cusom Mixing, Cambridge
Male English Bulldog/American Bulldog mix. Small & white.
Contact: Guernssy County Animal Shelter - 740.432.2219

LOST:  03/23/2013 - dog, Lost along Rt 40 near Cambridge
Large black dog lost. Answers to "Charming"
Contact: 740-255-5440

FOUND:  03/23/2013 - Bull Mastiff, Found along Ideal Road near Lore City
Two bull mastiff dogs, with collars found
Contact: 740-607-8822

FOUND:  03/18/2013 - dogs, State Route 265, near Kipling
Two male dogs: one Rotweiller with an orange collar, one Doberman/Lab mix.
Contact: Jack - 740.432.6683

FOUND:  03/18/2013 - dog, Salt Road area
Young, female Miniature Aussie. Brown and white. Wearing new collar and flea collar.
Contact: Kathleen - 440.570.9977

LOST:  03/16/2013 - dog, Belle Valley area
Female Bluetick Beagle. Weighs about 40 pounds. Friendly and her name is Ruby. Black and white, with a red head.
Contact: 740.732.7323

FOUND:  03/18/2013 - dog, College Hill Road, Cambridge
Brown-and-white Boxer. Appears to be around eight months old.
Contact: 740.421.0096

LOST:  03/14/2013 - dogs, Buffalo/Pleasant City area
Two Rat Terriers. One older female, mostly white with a stubby tail. One male puppy with a black mask.
Contact: 740-260-2679

LOST:  03/15/2013 - dog, Sarchet Avenue, Cambridge
Brown-and-black, male Yorkie. About five pounds.
Contact: Samantha or Tony - 740.630.3588 or 740.630.4835

FOUND:  03/09/2013 - Dog, Near Jackson Run Road in Cambridge Township
Male Brown Boxer mix, no collar, around 1 year old.
Contact: 740-221-4518

LOST:  03/08/2013 - Bull, Derwent
Black Bull with yellow ear tag
Contact: 740-260-0135

FOUND:  03/06/2013 - dogs, Steubenville Avenue and N. 7th Street, Cambridge
Two Golden Retriever-type dogs seen wandering in the street. Still running loose.
Contact: 740.432.5605

FOUND:  03/04/2013 - Dog, Barnesville area
Male dachshund found near Barnesville Hospital on Monday night 3/4
Contact: 425-1012

LOST:  03/04/2013 - Cow, Lost near Caldwell
Pure White Heifer, approxamatly 1100 pounds.
Contact: 740-509-3084

FOUND:  03/02/2013 - Cat, Found on College Hill Road
Large male white and black cat. May have been in a fight and in need of medical attention
Contact: 740-705-6036

FOUND:  02/26/2013 - dog, Quaker City area
Black Lab, 60-70 pounds. Friendly and well-groomed, wearing an orange collar.
Contact: Shawna - 740.630.1515

LOST:  02/23/13 - Dog, Byesville
Female Shar Pei that is white in color. $50 Reward Offered
Contact: 740-630-4705

FOUND:  02/25/2013 - dog, found on 40 near Jackson Run Rd
middle aged female weimeraner
Contact: Guernsey Veterinary Clinic 740-432-5980

FOUND:  02/21/2013 - Dog, Kipling area
Yorkie wearing a blue collar.
Contact: Call 680-1145

LOST:  02/17/2013 - dog, Cooper Road, Cumberland/Claysville area
Male, Boxer/Lab mix. Mostly black with some white spots.
Contact: Kim at 740.584.1464

FOUND:  02/15/2013 - Dog, Near the Wilds on State Route 146, near Chandlersville
Cream colored female, short hair, docked tail & 2 blue eyes. Looks to be Australian Shepherd. Still a puppy.
Contact: Call 740-638-4781 for information

LOST:  02/14/2013 - Dog, In the Florence area, north of Caldwell
Lost is a young, male, charcoal-gray Labrador Retriever. He's eight-months old and weighs between 50- and 60-pounds. He is not wearing a collar and answers to the name "Rocky."
Contact: Call Duane Reasoner at 740.581.1060

FOUND:  02/14/2013 - Cat, Twin Oaks area off route 22 Cambridge
Grey and White, friendly.
Contact: 740-584-2402

FOUND:  02/12/2013 - dog, 1200 block of Blaine Avenue, Cambridge
Very friendly, medium-sized, female dog. Brindle color, white feet. She is wearing a camo collar and dragging a long red tie-out cable.
Contact: Jan - 740.439.5414

FOUND:  02/12/2013 - dog, Near Rob's Service Center, Marietta Road in Caldwell
Male Pug.
Contact: 740.581.2201

LOST:  02/11/2013 - Dog, Lost on U.S. Route 40 East near Old Washington
Yellow Lab, male, no collar... Answers to "Bear". Lost since 2/8/13.
Contact: 740-801-1112. Reward offered.

LOST:  02/05/2013 - dog, Kennonsburg/Salesville area
Male Beagle/Boxer mix. Mostly white. Camo collar. Answers to "Tex."
Contact: Tara - 740.680.7288

FOUND:  02/08/2013 - Dog, Along Wintergreen Road near Secrest Elementary
A small, "Yorkie-type" dog, brown and black in color and not wearing a collar.
Contact: Call Jane at (740)685-3852

LOST:  02/01/2013 - Dog, 209/Bloomfield Road
Male Yorkie/Maltese mix
Contact: 432-1882

FOUND:  02/05/2013 - dog, Steubenville Avenue, Cambridge
Male Dachshund. Wearing a green collar with Snoopy print. No tags.
Contact: Julie - 707.339.7143

FOUND:  02/03/2013 - dog, Woodsfield Road, east of Caldwell near East Union
Female,Red Heeler/Beagle mix. She seems to be mostly deaf and blind.
Contact: Andrea - 740.732.2934

LOST:  02/02/2013 - Dogs, 209 & Bloomfield Road
3 dogs. 1 male German Shepherd, black & tan wearing a collar; 1 female German Shepherd, light tan & black, wearing a collar; 1 male Yorkie & Maltese mix, silver & black, not wearing a collar.
Contact: Tara 740-432-1882

FOUND:  02/04/2013 - dog, Cumberland area
St. Bernard, mostly white with red spots. Been running loose for several weeks.
Contact: Terry - 740.624.9847

LOST:  02/02/2013 - Dog, Lost at Covered Bridge area. Rt. 658
Male black lab mix with white markings on chest and paws. Name is Eddie. Wearing a blue collar.
Contact: Call 740.492.1594 or 740.439.5590

FOUND:  02/02/2013 - Dog, South Side
Small long body male dog with short black/brown hair,
Contact: Call 740.680.3373

FOUND:  01/31/2013 - dog, College Hill Road, Cambridge
Young, Black Lab mix with white marking on chest. Friendly.
Contact: Phyl - 740.705.6036

FOUND:  01/31/2013 - dog, Depp Road East, Sarahsville area
Male Cocker Spaniel. White with brown spots. Wearing a green, 4-H collar. Very friendly.
Contact: Larissa - 740.255.1326

FOUND:  01/28/2013 - dog, SR 146 S near Halley's Ridge Rd
Female Black Lab/Shepherd mix, wearing brown leather collar.
Contact: 740.732.4805

LOST:  01/25/2013 - Dog, Steubenville Avenue, Cambridge
Tri-colored male beagle with red collar, about 3 years old, answers to "Shy".
Contact: Anyone with information is asked to call 740-432-1835.

LOST:  01/25/2013 - dog, Sarchet's Run Road, Cambridge
Male Chorkie, wearing a green collar with Christmas design on it. Answers to the name "Dusty."
Contact: Angela - 740.439.2634

LOST:  01/24/2013 - dogs, Mt. Ephraim/Sarahsville area
Male Black Lab, female Black Lab mix. Both wearing collars.
Contact: Deena - 740.838.6910

LOST:  01/24/2013 - dog, Florence area near Caldwell
female black lab with white star on chest..approx 50 lbs...answers to Star...
Contact: call 740-305-5027

LOST:  01/19/2013 - dog, Pisdah and St Rt 513 Quaker City
Female Beagle 10 months old. Wearing orange collar with ID tag. Small tri-color beagle. Answers to Josee
Contact: Jenny Van Fossen 740-584-4613

FOUND:  01/20/2013 - Dog, On North 658 Cambridge Area
Female Puppy Boxer. 2 Tone Tan
Contact: 740-255-0044

LOST:  01/21/2013 - Dog, Summerfield, Calais Are
Black Lab with a pink collar. Goes by the name of "Bear", very friendly. Reward if found
Contact: Norma (740)838-5802

FOUND:  01/19/2013 - Dog, New Concord area
Cocker Spaniel
Contact: Call 826-1040 for details

FOUND:  01/20/2013 - Dog, N 9th St and Foster Ave
Male Beagle White with large tan spots on head and tail and small black spots on back. Has an orange collar on.
Contact: Call 740-255-2152

FOUND:  01/16/2014 - dog, Meadowpark area
black lab dog..nice dog but looks like its been lost for a while
Contact: 740-705-2951

LOST:  01/08/2013 - Dog, along Campfire Road (near Pike School)
Lost is a four-year-old, female Shiba Inu who answers to the name "Ping." She's a medium-sized dog weighing 45 to 50 pounds and is wearing a collar with tags. Her face is half tan and half white and she has a short, thick coat. A reward is offered.
Contact: Call Tom Graven at (740)439-4126

FOUND:  01/16/2013 - Dog, Meadowpark Drive
Black Lab, female . Was taken to the Guernsey County Pound .
Contact: 432-2219

LOST:  01/08/2013 - cat, High Street in Senecaville
Small, black-and-white female cat. One year old. Wearing a purple flea collar, and has black mustache markings on her face. Answers to "Mussy."
Contact: 740.319.6109 or hollyanna16@yahoo.com

LOST:  01/15/2013 - dog, Southside of Cambridge
Small, male Yorkshire Terrier. Six years old, only weighs 4 lbs. Brown-and-black, wearing light blue collar with small bone print.
Contact: 740.630.8175 or 740.439.2117

LOST:  01/14/2013 - Dog, near Kennonsburg
5-year-old, male, Golden Retriever
Contact: Call 1-740-680-7288

FOUND:  01/12/13 - Cat, Pipa Road Pleasant City/Buffalo area
A black cat.
Contact: Call John 216-536-5157

LOST:  01/08/2013 - dog, Bloomfield area
Female Maltese, all white.
Contact: Donna Strauss - 740.826.4117

LOST:  01/10/2013 - dog, Raptis Additon (Liberty Road) area, Cambridge
Male, Jack Russell Terrier, wearing collar and dog tags. Answers to "Loy."
Contact: Stephanie - 740.630.1184 or 740.630.8203

LOST:  01/10/2013 - dog, Central Avenue, Cambridge
Female, Husky mix. Blue eyes, orange collar. Answers to "Stormy."
Contact: Susan - 740.680.2541

LOST:  01/10/2013 - dog, Southside of Cambridge
Male, yellow Lab. Nine years old, silver chain collar. Answers to "Jack." $250 reward offered for his return.
Contact: Becky - 580.220.9053

FOUND:  01/10/2013 - Dog, Old Washington
Small Black Male Dog
Contact:  740-260-3111 or 740-801-1133

LOST:  01/03/2013 - Dog, Ridgewood Acres/Skyline Drive
"Zoey" is a a White Westie
Contact: 630-1796

LOST:  01/07/2013 - Dog, Campfire Road / Pike School area
Female, medium size (45-50 #), short hair , tan/blonde and white stocky build , curled tail. "Ping " is a Sebaenu.
Contact: 439-4126

FOUND:  01/05/2013 - Dog, Found near Central Elementary School, Cambridge
Black female dachshund puppy with red studded collar
Contact: 630-7964

LOST:  01/01/2013 - Dog, Lost on Old National Road near Bear's Den
2 year old male bulldog. Answers to "Rocky"... friendly dog
Contact: Kristina @ 740-630-7629

FOUND:  01/01/2013 - dog, Eagon Hill Road & Stoneburner Rd.
Friendly brown medium sized dog
Contact: Call 740-679-3676

FOUND:  01/01/2013 - dog, Buffalo area
Male beagle, lemon colored. Wearing a red collar. Very friendly.
Contact: Lisa - 740.630.7040